Passion Flower: herbal sleep aids

Passion Flower :     Passiflora incarnata

The herb, passion flower, is one of nature's best sleep aids.

Passion Flower is thought to relieve muscle tension and other manifestations of extreme anxiety.

It is also believed to be especially good for nervous insomnia - the kind that keeps you lying in bed worrying until the late hours.

Since the tryptophan scare, in which a contaminated batch of that essential amino acid was linked to several deaths, passion flower has become very popular as a safe, natural alternative to help promote a good night's sleep.

Herbalists often recommend passion flower for times of extreme emotional upset.

Passion Flower is also known as Wild Passion Flower and Maypop.

It is a woody vine with flowers that reminded early pilgrims of the passion and suffering of Christ.

Passion Flower bears small berry-like fruit called granadilla or water lemon.

Benefits of Passion Flower

Passion Flower is used as a sedative in nervous disorders (including gastrointestinal complaints of nervous origin), difficulties in sleeping, and anxiety or restlessness, especially in children.

Also, it is used to treat female anxiety during menses, childbirth and menopause.

Research shows that Passion Flower reduces spasms and depresses the central nervous system.

Passion Flower contains flavonoids such as isovitexin, vitexin, saponarin, orientin, glycosides, gynocardin, and alkaloids.

Passion Flower is also known as: Passiflora incarnata, Wild Passion Flower, Maypop

Common uses of passion flower: Antispasmodic, spinal - Nervine, insomnia, shingles, headaches.

Caution: This herb may cause sleepiness in some people and should not be used before driving or operating machinery. Do not take during pregnancy.

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