Oyster Shell Supports Heart Function, Blood Pressure, and Restful Night Sleep

Oyster shell is used in traditional Chinese medicine to support normal heart function, normal blood pressure, and a restful night sleep.

Oyster Shell supports normal body temperature at night, supports normal digestive tract function, and has a sedating and calming effect.

Body meridians that benefit from oyster shell are the liver and kidney.

Other benefits of Oyster shell

Oyster shell serves to:

  • Pacify the liver
  • Soften hardness and release nodules
  • Oyster shell (Muli) is often used in combination with dragon's bone (Longgu), and white peony root (Baishao) in Chinese herbal remedies.

Oyster Shell is also known as: Mu li, Muli, Concha Ostreae

Symmetry Products with Oyster Shell (Mu Li): Tranquility, Calcium Coverage

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