Aphrodisia 136

Helping both men and women to enjoy the benefits of satisfying intimate relationships.

Love. We write songs about it. We write stories about it. We spend hours discussing it.

Scientists study the experience and confirm that people who have deep satisfying intimate relationships live longer. But how do we keep that present in our lives? We’re told that this experience wanes as a relationship ages; that stress, anxiety and illness can cause us to lose  our natural, healthy libido. And that this loss can, not only harm our health, but also damage our relationships, sometimes severely.      

But it does not have to happen to you and your special loved one. Many have turned for help to products like Viagra. These products redirect the nitric oxide in your body, potentially causing very severe side effects.

Symmetry Direct has found a way to keep your libido healthy that you can use as often as you desire. This product, aphrodisia, is unique in that it is designed for both men and women. Symmetry Direct is committed to enhancing the quality of your life, and we are sure that this product will add love, laughter and shared joy. Doing so could not only add years to your life, but improve the quality of those years.

Aphrodisia 136™:

* helps promote healthy libido
* helps support healthy hormonal function
* supports circulatory performance
* enhances performance
* intensifies sexual pleasure
* improves sensitivity and sexual response

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Aphrodisia 136™ is the effective, healthy way for both men and women to rediscover the joy of intimacy… together.

Aphrodisia 136 is available in the U.S. only at this time.

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Aphrodisia 136

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